Kids love Mrs. Mays

My kids just LOVE Mrs. May's Freeze Dried Fruit Chips!! I bought them on a whim at Costco one day because they looked great for Kindergartener L's lunch and they were a big hit with everyone.  Just fruit and nothing else added, no sugar, no additives. It's a quick and simple snack to throw in his lunch kit. I love that there is no prep required and it's healthy! Costco's package comes with 10 strawberry, 5 pineapple and 5 mango. It works out pretty well as Teen C eats the mango, Toddler K eats the pineapple and strawberry and Kindergartener L will only eat the strawberry. I do wish there was more of the pineapple and mango though, maybe an even 10 of each would be better for our family. A little fun fact about Toddler K, he loves to dump the strawberries into a bowl and eat them with a spoon, I have no idea why and he doesn't do it with the mango or pineapple but he absolutely MUST with the strawberry. He definitely is an odd one. The fruit chips also come in apple and pear but I haven't seen those at my Costco yet, maybe you've seen them at yours?

Mrs. Mays Freeze Dried Fruit Chips retail for approximately $14 CAD and can be purchased from your local Costco in Canada.


For pampered pets, a bed with style

Behold the dog kennel, formally known as the cat cage. My parents got this uninviting cage years ago at the airport for air travel with our family cat. Since then I inherited it due to traveling with my own family cat. Now it is reserved for emergency trips to the vet and as of recently our new dogs kennel. We are kennel training our new little puppy and this kennel has been his bed. With a towel on the inside you can imagine how lovely is must be. Very cozy......no not really but I tried to pretend it must be. Aside from being ugly and uncomfortable it was way too huge for our very small breed dog. An upgrade was in order for sure.

 That's why we are loving the Petmate Curvations Pet Carrier. First off when the carrier arrived I couldn't believe how small it was in the packaging. I wondered about the stability of the carrier, I mean really it was folded down quite small, could this really hold up?

 After 2 quick zips, up popped a kennel!! And a sturdy one at that. Very sturdy and I can vouch for that as Toddler K keeps trying to sit on it, despite my objections, and it still stands strong. The compact-ability would be a great feature for travel or storage. Coming straight from the factory there was a bit of a smell, the daddy suspects maybe the glue that holds down the fabric bottom inside the kennel. The smell dissipated after a few days of airing and I'm sure one from the store has probably already lost this smell. I only mention the smell because this was my only real issue with the kennel but it is no longer a factor. This carrier is almost too gorgeous to be a kennel!! Coming in only one size for small breed dogs, the dimensions are 18"x14"x12" and accommodates pets from 5-15lbs. The carrier has two fabric options; a pink abstract type pattern and a brown zebra type print. We have the brown and just love it. We keep our kennel between our living room and dining room and the sleek pattern fits right in with our decor.

The Curvations Carrier has 360 degree ventilation which not only helps your pet get a lot more air flow than most carriers but it also helps you to see your pup in his crate. It also comes with a small plush bed that is removable for washing. I also made up a small little polar fleece blanket for inside the kennel as we turn our heat down at night and I thought the pup could use a little extra warmth. I made it brown one one side, aqua on the other. It's a beautiful match and does the job quite nicely. Our pup definitely loves the new kennel as he often goes inside during the day just for a nap or a break from the kids, something he NEVER did with the old kennel. Because the inside is fabric it seems more cozy but I worried about when he has the odd accident that maybe it might not get the cleanest. Thankfully poops are an easy clean and when he actually did pee in there one time I just zipped off the bottom of the carrier and hosed the fabric bottom down in the sink and cleaned it with some vinegar and it's perfect! It doesn't stink at all, the fabric is fine and looks as good as new. The door is complete with a double zipper that can latch together to "lock" the door. The front mesh is amazingly strong and has held up to a lot of scratching with no signs of wear. The kennel also comes with a one year limited warranty and has been approved by Petmate for kennel training. Another thing to note if your pup is quite young and likes to chew I would keep an eye on them to make sure that they don't chew the zipper while the door is open. After our little guy got fixed he was very distressed by the cone he had to wear and I took it off for 10 minutes and left the room and he chewed right through the zipper and we had to get a replacement kennel. (This was not covered under the one year warranty as it was an act of dog not a defect.) While we were waiting for our replacement he had to sleep in the old kennel and he was so mad he started pooping in it everyday!! He really missed the Curvations!! Now that the new one has arrived order has been restored and the pup is once again happy. He has his cozy little hideaway from the kids back and he doesn't dare touch the zipper now. He still has the odd accident but life is much better. Both the puppy and our household are once again happy and relatively poop free.

The Petmate Curvations Pet Carrier retails for $90 CAD and can be purchased online in Canada from Pet Only and in the US online from PetSmart for only $55 US!! Please contact Petmate for a list of stores that may have this carrier locally in your area.
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